Next Steps

We have now engaged the resources of three Qualified Planning Consultants (grant funded) to assist in the preparation of the draft plan to :

  • Prepare the full site assessment report which will identify the most appropriate sites for consideration for development.
  • Prepare a Housing Needs assessment report.
  • Provide support for the drafting of Policies to support the Draft Objectives displayed at the communication event and the general structure of the Plan.

We have a meeting scheduled with South Gloucestershire Council to determine the extent of any Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) they feel is appropriate for the level and type of development being considered, and to discuss how our Plan interacts with the New Local Plan and timescales.

What Then ??

Preparation of a detailed Draft Plan will commence by the Working Group working in conjunction with the consultants.  Timescales for this will be easier to determine after the meeting with SGC.

A further consultation event will be held. Whilst not essential to satisfy the planning regulations, this will provide an opportunity for the community to provide their final feedback so that adjustments can be made if required.

When fully drafted the plan will be screened by SGC and if it meets the basic conditions required, a formal public consultation in accordance  with Regulation 14 of the Neighbourhood Planning Regulations 2012 will be arranged prior to formal submission to SGC.  This is a formal process and will be publicised to enable interested parties to formally comment on the Plans.  All formal comments will be included with the Plan submission.  The documents will then be formally given to SGC (in accordance with Regulation 15).

Regulation 16 requires that SGC Publicise the proposals which includes the opportunity for further representations to be made prior to Regulation 17 which is the appointment of an Independent Examiner.  Regulation 18 is the publication of the Examiners Report and Plan Proposal decisions. Finally the plan will be the subject of a local area referendum, if the majority agree the plan will become ‘made’ and have legal and material weight when planning decisions are being made.

(note the above is a summary of the steps which have to be taken )


YOUR VIEWS COUNT, we are planning the future development of our community up to 2036.


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