Progress to Date

Progress as of February 10th 2018

OPC have set up a Neighbourhood Planning Steering Group comprising Councillors and members of the community  to develop the plan.

An application to be granted Government funds to undertake the planning work was successful and a draft project plan drawn up. The grant funding  was provided to cover the compilation, distribution and analysis of a community questionnaire and to part fund the Flood Risk Assessment.

The community questionnaire element was responded to by 30% of the community which is a good return for the type of survey being undertaken.  This information is in the process of being analysed.

This is phase one of a longer term plan. At the time is was envisaged that subject to the availability of a Strategic Flood Risk Assessment it should be possible to submit a viable plan for independent examination towards the end of 2017 this did not materialise.

The formal assessment was finally “bought off” toward the end of 2017 and published on South Gloucestershire’s Website in December 2017.

Please click here to access the relevant page on South Gloucestershire’s website.  The webpage contains a great deal of information about Flood Risk generally within South Gloucestershire but if you scroll down to :

Oldbury on Severn Strategic Flood Risk Assessment( SFRA2)  – Planning Policy Statement (PPS)

You will see that the PPS explains the status of the document and how it fits with the Planning Policy in the National Planning Policy Framework, the SGC Local Plan and the Neighbourhood Development Plan being prepared for Oldbury on Severn.

For access to the SGC New Local Plan please click here. A consultation is currently  in progress (ending 30th April 2018) which is seeking views on how SGC should deliver key areas of change and where new approaches to planning for future development in South Gloucestershire are being developed.  This is an opportunity for you to register your views.

The Consultation Document is supported by a range of documents, including a ‘call for sites’ – where landowners can submit details of land they would like utilised for development.

The SFRA2  is a Key document which ranks the area around the Oldbury Settlement Boundary in terms of least flood risk. This information is now being used to determine the sites which present the greatest opportunity for develop once other planning considerations have been factored into the assessment.

On the 27th January a Community Event presented a summary of the of the progress made so far and sought the views of those attending to establish how the plan should me moved forward.  You can view the presentation online by clicking here.

The feedback from this event was positive and encouraging providing some interesting and constructive views which will be given full consideration.

The draft summary of the information collected at the event can be viewed here.