Progress to Date

Status Report as at 23rd February 2019

Since the last report in February 2018  a considerable  amount of work has been undertaken to draft the Neighbourhood Plan to build on and reflect the  feedback  received  since it was  commenced  in January 2016 . You may feel  that  it is taking too much time to finalise  but some plans have taken up to 5 years to be adopted.

Community  feedback places  the character of the village  high on the list of  attributes they wish to see maintained .A considerable amount of time has been spent producing a Village Character Assessment(VCA). This sets out to describe the unique character and form of the village and will be used to support development which matches or compliments the existing character. Conversely it  will also be used to help  protect from uncharacteristic development. The VCA can be viewed on the community website   :-

The  Site Assessment work  reported in the last report has been completed and the full report can also be found  on the community website.  This report objectively examines all the sites originally designated for consideration after the flood risk assessment had been completed , this reduced the number of sites  considered to have potential  for  development .

The Site Assessment report can also be viewed on the community website.

The Housing needs Assessment has also be completed and also can be viewed on the Community Website.

These reports have been used to draft  the Plan  to an advanced  stage which will  enable South Gloucestershire Council to  provide  a screening opinion as to whether a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)  is required. This has been an issue for some time because  our  Plan  is being prepared with a number of major  issues which  make plan making more complex. The  flood risk  issues  in the Parish generally are a major factor  as are   the nature conservation designations  of the Estuary. This and  heritage issues have all to be taken into account  when  trying to find suitable sites for modest development .

In order for a neighbourhood plan  to meet the basic conditions when it is independently examined  it must be compatible with EU obligations. One of these obligations  relates  to the effect a plan will have on the environment . South Gloucestershire Council  currently have the plan  and will in conjunction with the statutory bodies  (The Environment Agency  , Historic and Natural England ) determine  whether or not a SEA is required. This process will take a minimum of 6 weeks  and probably longer. If  the decision comes back  that a SEA is required there will probably be 12 weeks of work before it is available.

This  time provides the opportunity for an additional  community engagement event to feedback in more detail what the draft plan is  saying  and to provide  an opportunity for parishioners to  respond to it. Responses will be  considered and if necessary the plan will be  amended although we believe it reflects the wishes  of the community  based on the feedback received so far.

This is planned for Saturday 30th March 2019  , the venue  is the Memorial Hall , the event will be open from 12.00 to 18.00 on the day.